Mayor Honored 2020

On Monday, September 7, 2020 the SUP Board members, volunteers and Provo City Mayor Michelle Kaufusi honored Mayor Steve as a “Modern Pioneer” for his countless hours of service to make the Pioneer Village the city jewel that it is today.


“For several years now, Steve Nelson has stood as a living symbol of everything we love about Pioneer Village. It seems he was born for the role he’s fulfilling so well as mayor of the village. He looks the part. I’ve loved seeing him walking briskly in our 4th of July parade, wearing black tails and tipping his stove-pipe hat to the crowd.

Shortly after I became Mayor of Provo, an event that was special to me occurred. It was a ceremonial visit from a fellow mayor, Mayor Nelson. He brought some of his fellow villagers with him, and all were dressed in period attire. For me this was an important event in more ways than one. It was like a visit from those who lived in Provo in the past, reminding me that this was their Provo too – that I was being entrusted with a city that they sacrificed so much for.

I’ve learned that caring for a city is an intergenerational act of kindness. Each generation must do its part to take the city that was handed to them and try to keep it great for the next generation. This city will outlive me and you and everyone alive today, just as it outlived those who built the original Fort Utah.

And today I rise up and tip my hat to a man I have been proud to stand beside and call my fellow mayor. Mayor Nelson, for years you have stood at the heart of this village and the noble causes it serves. I will treasure for years to come my association with you and the tremendous contributions you have made. Thank you.”

Thank you Mayor Steve for your many years of service to our Village and community!